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i wore my cap hoodie to work and so many children said it was so cool and everyone called me captain america and basically this is why i work with children


Säntis, Switzerland | Roland Sax


Silver Crescent Moon Necklace

This crescent moon pendant features an ornate pattern. From the upper tip of the moon hangs a fiery circular pendant. Hung on an 18” chain. Sold on Etsy.



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The Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge
bottomcas vs. savingprivatebucky vs. charliewinchester
Prompt : Heaven






The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal, larger that the Eiffel tower and the statue of liberty .. Things you don’t see in mainstream media.

This is beautiful.

I think this picture better illustrates the size of that monument.

I never even knew this existed this makes me so happy to find out about it

Argh, I seriously wish there was more on African Art movements in Art/Art History books. This monument was made back in 2006 for crying out loud! There’s so much that the art-historian in me is burning to say about this…But short story shorter, the movement known as African Renaissance is a relatively modern and multi-faceted concept, starting around the mid-20th century, even though more often than not it takes up such a small section of the so-called “Non-Western” classes at uni. Just the fact that we still treat the name of the class with such an Otherness mentality is so absurd and more than maddening, but there you have it folks. Sigh.

super useful reference material for fic writers!

SHIELD should hire me to work intel.

frostbitefingers replied to your post: does anyone have a DOB for steve and b…

I’ve usually seen Steve’s birthday as July Fourth & Bucky’s as sometime in the winter, ‘cause there’s no such thing as too much irony. Year wise, they’re in their mid-twenties - aside from time spent on ice - so around 1920ish?

I’m a weirdo, I needed specifics for absolutely no reason. Did a little digging. 

Bucky has two different birthdates, because he’s 7 years younger than Cap in the original comics, but their ages are closer in the cinematic universe. So I wanted to figure out exactly what that difference was. 

I figured out that in a deleted scene from the Avengers movie, Bucky’s birthdate is partially observable on a file. Assuming only the day and year have changed from his comic book DOB, that would make his MCU birthday March 10, 1922 (as opposed to his comic book birthday, which I believe is March 20, 1925)

Steve’s birthdate as he writes it on one of his military application forms in Cap 1 is July 4th, 1918. I believe this is the same as the comics.

So in MCU, Steve is 3 years, 8 months and 6 days older than Bucky, as opposed to in the original comics, where there are 6 years, 8 months and 16 days between them.

yay weirdly specific and useless knowledge about fictional characters

does anyone have a DOB for steve and bucky in MCU?

the internet is giving me confusing messages