this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image


When you open your eyes during a prayer… by Marcus Johns

I haven’t checked messages in a really long time, and I would like to apologize.

I should have apologized weeks ago, but I guess that is part of the problem itself. I promised I’d always be there for you guys and I’ve checked out completely. I feel like I owe those of you who have messaged me an explanation as to where my headspace has been the past few weeks/months.

It’s by no means an excuse — I am truly, honestly sorry if anyone has messaged me needing a response and it has gone unanswered. There’s a difference between not being able to keep a promise and deciding not to keep it anymore, and I’m afraid the truth is a lot more like the latter. 

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Kuressaare Castle, Estonia (by mustlane)


smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.


Oneonta Gorge, Oregon
Craig Bill

i literally cannot attempt to do yoga in my living room without my dumb cat getting involved

i got a new camera so i went on a backyard selfie adventure


free him

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